What Material Wig Is Good?

- Aug 10, 2019-

What material wig is good?

The material of the wig is divided into several kinds of materials such as hair, fiber and wool. Among them, human hair is a more expensive wig material. The hair wig hair wig made by human hair is treated by several disinfection and high temperature treatments. It is not easy to knot, and it has high fidelity, dyeing, ironing, and oyster sauce. The wig at the mid-end price is made up of real hair and plant fibers. The wigs with very low prices are basically made of plant fibers. Like the Japanese Konica lacquer protein silk is about a few hundred yuan a pound, K7's Kani Kale wig hair wig is very cost-effective. Henan Dejie Wig Factory is located in the hinterland of the Central Plains. China's largest hair products and training head base, Henan-Xuchang, specializes in importing wigs and human hair as raw materials, carefully designed, precision-made, various mannequins and teaching heads. Strict inspection, can provide customers with a variety of styles and colors of wigs, teaching head products. A variety of high, medium and low-end women's wigs; all kinds of chemical fiber clockwork, wig accessories teaching head jewelry, etc., the company has first-class designers And advanced technology management, high-quality staff, let our customers rest assured. The factory "the world's industry friends to survive by quality, innovation and development, to do "integrity" businessmen for the purpose.


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