What Is The Definition And Use Of Wig Sets

- Aug 18, 2018-

What is the definition and use of wig sets?

A wig is a hair woven woven from a synthetic filament, which is worn directly on the head, similar to a hat. Of course, the hair can be trimmed into different hair styles. Nowadays, the wigs that people use to change their hair style are mostly wigs with full headgear.

Short hair

Women's short hair is very simple, you don't need to wear a hair net, you can put it directly on your head.

Male short hair

Male short wig

Male short hair is also very simple, directly to the upper set, but also wraps the entire head, and then it is OK to use the hand.

Medium long hair

It is a medium-haired, medium-length hair, and puts two hairpins on the height of the ear. Then go up and clip it flat, all the hair is flat on the head, don't concentrate on a pile. Also note that the hair behind the bangs and ears is clipped and not exposed. Then wear a hair net. Wear the wig and don't let the edge of the net appear. The curls are basically not wigs, and the combs are used. Use a non-oily maintenance solution for wigs (the method of use is also very simple: gently spray a few times on the wig before taking it) to make the wig soft and bright and prevent static electricity, so that the wig stays moisturized just like The same when you buy it back


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