If You Are Bald, Would You Choose To Wear A Wig?

- Oct 21, 2019-

If you are bald, would you choose to wear a wig?

Day and talk to everyone about the wig. Nowadays, the wig technology, the high-end ones can basically be indistinguishable, very natural, this is the biggest advantage. But before taking a wig, you have to consider the following questions:

1. Friends, family, and colleagues around you know that you don't have hair. You have to face their ridicule every day: "Hey, you wig, it's pretty good, handsome than before, hot, I touch Touch it, it’s quite realistic, it won’t fall,” “Isn’t that who’s husband? What is his sudden hair? Hey, with a wig, it’s good, it’s pretty good,” Focus.

2. Be very careful about new-acquainted friends, don't dare to rely too close, afraid to be seen with a wig.

3. Whether you are using a buckle or glued, go to the weather forecast first, go to the wind first, then hide from the rain, easy to reveal stuffing.

4. The long-term scalp suffocation causes the skin to fester, and the buckle causes the surrounding hair to be buckled.

5. I feel uncomfortable. Baldness just makes you feel inferior. Once you bring a wig, you will find that your heart is very distorted. You don’t dare to join a friend’s party, dare not fall in love, or even dare to be too close to you. Don't quarrel with people, otherwise you will die hard to see. You are just a person who relies on a beauty camera every day. Once you are exposed, your face is swept away, and it is normal to be discovered. I have heard too many customers who have asked me to do SMP!

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