How To Wear The Front Lace Wig

- Oct 23, 2019-

How to wear the front lace wig

Put your hair in 2 braids and a little bit above the ears. Then put it up and clip it flat with the clips. All the hair is flat on the head. Don't concentrate on a pile. Also pay attention to the hair behind the bangs and the ears. If it is more convenient to set up a hair net, I think it is really useful. I can't live on the Internet 3 yuan. I want to buy a hair net of 10 yuan. It is very convenient to bring a wig. I will try it twice, remember that the head is low, from the back to the belt, I now like to bring a wig very beautiful and a lot ~~

If Liu Hai is too long, you can use a clip to collect it. The key is to see what your face is for. If the hair is not suitable for your face, then it will not look good.

The short-haired white-collar beauty looks chic and sleek, and the long hair of the shawl makes the woman in love tender and watery. On the weekend, changing the color of the wig will make you a star in the dance. The colorful wigs make urban women a beautiful woman and avoid the risk of trying new hairstyles.

★The best position for wigs to wear

When choosing a wig, first make the wig the same size as the wearer's head circumference. Too small to have a sense of oppression, affecting the blood circulation of the head; too large, lack of security. On the basis of the appropriate model, the forehead is wide and narrow and is placed in the proper position.

Wide, long court, wear the wig edge slightly downwards, with a certain amount of hair curtain for better background; narrow, short court, wear the edge of the wig slightly upward, leaving a small amount of hair The curtain can be set off.


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