How To Wear A Men's Wig

- Mar 16, 2019-

How to wear a men's wig

1. Put the hair net into the neck (the mouth with the elastic band is below) and then pull the hair net to the top of the head. Most of the wigs now have no yards, because the hair clips have buttons to adjust the size. Adjust the size of your own head to the size of the appropriate wig, and insert the back hair into the hair net. Turn the wig of the wig up and wear a wig from the front of the head.

2. Put on the wig and adjust the position, pay attention to the position of the bangs. When you wear the wig, there is actually a job that can help you add points: trim the wig according to your face style. Each person's face and style are very different, and further trimming allows the wig to fit more closely with you.

3. The function of wig to modify the face is very strong. You can make a fuss when you flatten your hair. The face is rounder and can concentrate the hair to the middle of the head. The longer face is symmetrically fixed to both sides. This way, after wearing a wig, there is a seamless effect.

4. Wearing fake Liu Haier is worried that there is still a good prop to help solve the problem. Wearing a beautiful headband at the wig joint can cover the dividing line and also lining the fresh temperament of the bangs.


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