How To Maintain The Wig

- Aug 18, 2018-

How to maintain the wig

1, the carding action should be light

The wig sleeve should be combed before use. It is good to put on the wig and then comb it a little. It is better to use a relatively thin comb for combing wigs. When combing wigs, it is necessary to use the method of oblique side combing. It is not possible to perform straight combing, and the movement must be light.


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2, do not use hairpins

In order to prevent the wind from blowing off the wig, some people like to use a hair clip to hold the wig. However, the hairpin should not be used too hard, otherwise it is easy to smash the wig of the wig. Therefore, it is best not to use a hair clip, you can use a decorative hair band to fix the wig on the wig.

3, do not rub with your hands when washing

Hair clips that are often worn are usually washed once in half a month. Before washing, comb the wig with a comb and then comb with a diluted conditioner solution while washing. Do not use both hands to twist, and can not wash the fake foam in the washing liquid. Use both hands to gently rinse the foam above the direction of the hair, then dry it, avoid exposure in the sun.

Also prevent mold, especially in the south, with a ventilated place. Keep it clean.

4, grooming tools

Never use a plastic comb when combing, be sure to use a steel comb.


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