How To Dye Chemical Fiber Wigs

- May 04, 2018-

1 First Step In order to greatly change the color of the wig, buy the liquid fiber hair dye of the color you want. Dissolve four ounces of hair dye in one gallon of water. Immerse your hair in hair dye for at least 45 minutes. Continue this process until you reach the color you want. Rinse clean hair and carefully follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

2 Second Step If you wish the wig to be softer, a bottle of Roux Fancifull color rinse can be used. To make the hair color even, pour the rinse into the spray bottle. Spray the hair with Fancifull, but do not rinse, dry it, and spray if necessary.

3 Step 3 If you want interesting, colorful stripes on your hair, stain them with a dyed Sharpie logo or permanent stain fixative. From the roots, hold the dye fixative so that the broadside of the tip is facing the hair. Stain along the hair until you reach the desired effect. This will be a long-term, slow process. So you need to have a lot of free time to sit down before you can plan to do it.