How To Care For Real Hair And Wig

- Dec 21, 2019-

How to care for real hair and wig

The wig made from real human hair is made from processed pure human hair. It has high fidelity, is not easy to knot, can be dyed, dyed, and hot, and it is convenient to change hairstyles.

Care and maintenance

1. Try not to approach high temperature, because the wig is not resistant to high temperature (except for those specifically marked as high temperature silk);

2. Chemical fiber wigs cannot be dyed. If you need trimming, please ask a professional stylist to trim the hairstyle;

3, combing action should be light. The wig should be combed before use. After wearing the wig, comb it a little. It is generally better to use a thinner comb for combing the wig. When combing the wig, use the oblique combing method. It is not allowed to comb straight and the action is light.

4. Don't use hairpins. In order to prevent the wig from being blown away by strong winds, some people like to clamp the wig with hair clips. However, do not force your hair too hard. Otherwise, it is easy to damage the net cover of the wig. Therefore, it is better not to use hair clips, you can use decorative hair bands to fix the hair on the wig;

5. It is normal to have a small amount of hair loss during the finishing process;

6, usually put in the original packaging without wearing, when you want to take a flick to restore the original;

7, wigs can be tied up, but can not be tied too high, otherwise their own real hair will run out;

8. When combing longer wigs, divide the wigs into several lengths, and comb them from bottom to top. Be sure to be light and patient;

9. If the wig has been tied for a long time and it is difficult to comb, don't pull it hard, you should spray the non-oily maintenance liquid special for the wig and slowly open it carefully;

10. Be careful not to spray gel hair, hair wax and other styling agents for real hair, as this will make the wig sticky;

11. Use a non-oily maintenance solution for wigs (the method of use is also very simple: just spray a few times on the wig before putting it on) to make the wig soft and shiny and prevent static electricity, so that the wig will always be moist Just like when I bought it!


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