How To Bring A Wig

- Jul 14, 2018-

How to bring a wig

1. First of all, we have to prepare a wig hair net. This is the first step for us to wear a wig. Put the hair net on the neck. Be careful when you cover it. Don’t pull the hair because the hair net is elastic. After that, lift the net from the face to the head.

2. Lift the hair net from the neck to the head, let the hair net fully extend, and try to collect the hair on the side and the hair from the bangs as soon as possible.

3. After the hair net is pulled to the brain, at this time, if you are a long hair, put the hair of the long hair into the hair net. Generally, the hair net needs to be replaced after one stage of continuous use, because the elasticity is insufficient, the net is not Live your hair.

4. Carefully and carefully collect the remaining hair into the hair net, look carefully at the mirror, and if there is still hair on the outside, make sure to adjust the layout of the hair, not to be particularly tall, so Not good.

5. Check if all the hair is netted in, and then remember to use the hair net clip to fix the hair net, so that the hair net is worn, let's start wearing a wig.

6. Put the wig on your head, adjust the height and adjust it to the right length. If you don't take care of it, it will be more realistic to cut the wig at the barbershop.


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