Hina's Fake Fever Sales Are Global, Why Is The Wig Market Selling Well Today?

- Aug 10, 2019-

hina's fake fever sales are global, why is the wig market selling well today?

For many office workers, the pressure from work is more or less every day, such as working overtime, staying up late to do projects, etc. Although such work can bring higher rewards to themselves, it also seriously damages one person. Physical and mental health. Of course, most people do not want to go to work, but because of the family pressure, they can't support the daily expenses of the family without working hard. For this reason, the appearance of many office workers seems to be somewhat "old", and some people are beginning to have symptoms of hair loss or baldness. Seeing such a scene, many people realize the seriousness of the problem, so they start to drink water, or add ginger in the shampoo, in order to alleviate these symptoms.

However, there is still no better solution to the problem of "hair loss", which has caused many people to face the threat of hair loss and baldness. For male compatriots, most people choose to shave directly into the bald head when it comes to hair loss, which makes it cool and saves the shampoo cost per year. However, for female compatriots, it is also hair loss, they can not shave their heads? Don't worry, the wig may come in handy.

Wigs are not unfamiliar to many people. After all, even if they haven't worn them, they have seen others use them. After all, many cancer patients wear wigs because of hair loss. Although there are many kinds of materials for making wigs, the most popular ones are the wigs made by real people, because the quality of such wigs is generally higher. Of course, not only are our citizens being plagued by "hair loss", but also people around the world who are plagued by "hair loss", making the wig market extremely hot, and China's wigs stand out in the global competitive market, basically every A wig can be sold in 2 seconds.

In the recently released data of Alibaba's cross-border e-commerce AliExpress, we can see that Chinese wigs have become one of the most popular commodities in foreign countries, and they sell one on average every two seconds. Faced with such a huge sales volume, as a "wig city" in the country, Henan Xuchang is also under great pressure. Basically, it has to produce 40,000 wigs to sell every day. In this regard, many people will have such a question, where is the Chinese fake fever sold globally, mainly where it is sold?

According to the data from AliExpress, the countries with the most wig turnover are the United States, the United Kingdom, France and South Africa, and the regions with the most sales are no more than Africa. In an ordinary wig company in Xuchang, the annual sales of wigs sold in overseas countries amounted to more than 10 million US dollars, while the African region accounted for the largest proportion. The reason for this phenomenon is mainly because the hair of the black people is generally poor, and the probability of hair loss is relatively high, coupled with customs, so that the black people become the just-needed people of the wig.

In many countries in Africa, many people wear wigs as a trend. From the age of sixty to seventy, down to the age of ten, basically people of any age have wigs. Of course, Africans like to wear wigs. In addition to the symptoms of hair loss, there is also a wig that is easy to clean and allows you to have your own hairstyle. For this reason, the local fake intentions are also in full swing, often in short supply. In the eyes of Africans, the most expensive wig brand is no more than Xuchang, Henan. After all, the wigs of this place are not only of good quality, but also used by many heads of state and the president, thus making the brand’s wigs The favor of most consumers, basically having a black and beautiful wig is the yearning for most people.

According to AliExpress data, in 2018, China's wig volume has grown by 300% in African countries such as South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria, while sales in European countries have increased by about 50%. Judging from these growth data, China's level of wigs has become a leader in the international market, which makes China's wig sales far ahead of the world. This is something that every country in our country can be proud of. Of course, such data also reflects a problem from the side, that is, more and more people are plagued by "hair loss" throughout the country.

As far as the author seems, many people will lose their hair, mainly because they don't maintain their hair, or use inferior shampoo to keep their hair in a "hair loss" state. To this end, the author suggests that you try not to stay up all night, and also to maintain the hair, do not use inferior shampoo, do not wash your hair for a long time. Otherwise, it will cause the head lice to invade the scalp and cause the hair follicle to shrink, eventually leading to symptoms of hair loss or baldness. To avoid such a phenomenon, it is necessary for the public to pay attention to personal hygiene.


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