Going For A Swim While Wearing Your Wig: It Can Be Done

- Nov 21, 2018-

There’s nothing better than spending a good day at the beach or pool with your loved ones. The sun is out, the sky is blue, and everyone’s having a blast. But if you happen to be wearing a hair replacement method, be it a wig, a topper or a full-head hair system, it’s only a matter of time before the question crosses your mind:

Can I go for a swim while wearing a wig or hair system?

The short, simple answer? Yeah, you can.

But, short answers are kinda dangerous when it comes to this specific subject. Why are they dangerous?. Well, because there’s a ton of things that you should consider before going out for a swim while wearing a wig, be it a swim at the pool or at the beach.


Now, we at Advent Hair are strong proponents of living your life just the way you did when you had your own natural hair. That’s the whole point of wearing a hair system after all: not letting hair loss impact your life in any sort of any negative way. But as previously stated, while going for a swim while wearing a wig or hair system can certainly be done, it must be done under the right conditions and with some expectations in mind.

You could be thinking by now “what’s so bad about swimming while wearing a wig? I clean my wig with water all the time” and you would be somewhat correct. The key word there being somewhat.


The thing is, water in itself isn’t harmful in any sort of way to a wig or a hair system. The real culprits are chlorine and salt:

-Chlorine: Used mainly to treat swimming pools, chlorine a substance that is extremely rough on hair systems, natural hair or synthetic hair alike. This chemical is used to rid swimming pools of pollutants, keeping them clean and sanitary. Now imagine what that does to hair fibers. Scary stuff.

-Salt: Salt can and will wreak havoc on your hair. Here’s the thing, the water content in your wig’s hair is what makes said hair shiny, elastic, and stretchy. Take all that moisture away and all you’re left with is dull-looking, fragile, brittle hair that will easily break off when placed under the slightest levels of stress.

Now here’s a fun fact for you: salting is one of the oldest methods of preserving food. People back then would cover their meats and fish in salt in order to dry them up as much as possible, eliminating the presence of any bacteria, fungi or harmful pathogen along the way. That’s how good salt is at drying stuff up.

So, after all of this, you might be thinking to yourself theres no way Im putting my wig through any of that. And thats ok, but remember, with correct preparation and care, going for a swim while wearing a wig or hair system is more than possible.


Here are some tips you should keep in mind before going for a swim while wearing a wig:


1- A swimming wig: Never wear one of your favorite wigs when you know you might end up at the pool or the beach!. Instead, get yourself one wig with the sole purpose of using it whenever you want to go for a swim.


This particular wig will experience more tear and wear at a much faster pace than your regular non-swimming wigs, so it shouldnt be an extremely high-quality one. Doesnt matter if its made out of synthetic hair or human hair, just dont wear a fancy and expensive piece when you plan on going for a swim.




2- Conditioning is key: Just because its your swimming wig, that doesnt mean you should take care of it! Sure, itll have a shorter lifespan than your regular hair systems, but taking good care of it will ensure that it lasts you for as long as it can before needing to be replaced.


Thats where conditioners and leave-in conditioners come into play: theyre excellent when it comes to giving your hair systems that moisture and shine they once had.


Check out Nearly Natural Moisture Mist Leave-in Conditioner. This leave-in conditioning spray contains aloe and hydrolyzed silk that increases the flexibility of the hair, while also providing an excellent sunscreen protector.




3- A waterproof hold: Before even considering taking a step towards the pool or the beach while wearing your swimming wig, you need to double check that your adhesive is water resistant.


Don'tknow where to start? Check out Walkers Great White Adhesive, a water-based and waterproof, latex free adhesive. And because it's water-based, Great White cleans up like a champ. This copolymer, latex-free adhesive cleans up with just soap and water.


 So yes, swimming while wearing a wig can indeed be done. You just need to take the necessary precautions before and after doing it.