Classification Of Wigs

- May 04, 2018-

The wig belongs to the hair industry in the light industry manufacturing industry. The hair product industry is divided into: technical springs, men's hair blocks, women's wigs, heads, chemical fiber hair, etc. The wigs are divided from the materials: human hair, chemical fiber, and human hair. Chemical fiber

According to material

According to the material is divided into chemical fiber and human hair. The fibrillar hairpieces are made of chemical fiber and have poor fidelity. They have an itchy feeling after wearing and easily react with the scalp. However, the price is cheap and the shaping effect is long-lasting; the wigs made by human beings are made of pure real human hair that has been processed. It has high fidelity, is not easy to tie knots, can be twisted, dyed and scalded, and is convenient for changing hairstyles, and has a higher price. The qualitative effect is not very good.

By area

According to area: wigs and wigs. The wig cover is a wig that is worn on the head. It is easy to wear, strong, and covers a wide area. Wigs can be customized according to different needs into different shapes, different sizes of wigs, random, high fidelity, good air permeability.