What should I do after the hair is very dry and hard? A few coups to create a long flowing hair.

- Jun 23, 2019-

Hair dyeing is one of the most common means of modern makeup. It uses the plant's (such as avocado, nail grass, Polygonum, etc.) or chemical pigments to dye the color of the hair into the desired color. It is one of the most common services in modern barber shops.

There are two main uses for dyeing hair: one is to cover the black hair to cover the white hair; the other is to change the color of the hair with the mood, with the clothing and makeup, to fully display their personality.

Hair dyeing has become fashionable, young people can change the color of black hair with their mood, match their clothing and makeup, and fully display their personality; while middle-aged people have to blacken frequently because of the continuous growth of white hair.

First, strengthen nourishment:

It is recommended that you not only use hair conditioner every time you wash your hair, but also do a deep nourishment of hair every week. There is also the use of serum after shampooing, must be applied from the hair roots to the hair ends, repeated three times until the essence is absorbed, so that the conditioner has the best effect.

Second, eat beans regularly:

It is recommended to eat soy products such as tofu, which not only can increase the gloss and elasticity of the hair, but also prevent it from splitting or breaking.

Third, eat more seaweed food.

Fourth, wash your hair with low water temperature after dyeing:

After perming, care for your hair. In addition to choosing a shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair, pay attention to the water temperature. You should know that the shampoo is not the higher the temperature.

Fifth, eat more yellow fruits and green vegetables:

Hair color deteriorates after dyeing, and we can also improve it by supplementing vitamins. For example, vitamin B can promote hair growth, giving your hair a natural luster, while vitamin C can activate the microvascular wall and help the hair absorb nutrients in the blood.

Avoid prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light

Hair stylist Robinson said, "Like your skin, the color of your hair will change with the sun's rays, so you should take care to avoid long-term exposure to UV rays." Robinson suggested that in addition to wearing a hat or an umbrella, proper use of hair care products containing SPF ingredients to reduce discoloration is also necessary.

Chlorine will fade hair

When the chlorine will make the hair fade, and most of the chlorine will appear in the swimming pool, be sure to wash your hair thoroughly after swimming, don't let the chlorine dry on your hair, or it will make the brown hair yellow. The copper color makes the golden hair turn green.

The use of shampoo and hair care products with color protection and color retention makes hair color lasting after dyeing. It is necessary to use hair care and hair care products with color protection and color fixing.