What is the reason for the lack of hair? Thinning your hair without changing the line!

- Feb 06, 2020-

As people get older, their hair gets thinner? Even the natural volume is becoming more and more obvious, which is actually related to the ageing hair texture. Some people even find that their hairline is receding more and more towards the top of their heads. These are also the problems that older hair will encounter.

According to statistics: females begin to age when they are about 40 years old, and males are older. Between 20 and 30 years old, they begin to enter the ageing stage of hair texture. Thin, elasticity and tension weakened, and the cortex of the hair also deviated, so the hair became thinner and thinner.

Maybe you think your hair is getting less and less, but in fact, it is the effect of getting thinner. The fastest way to prevent ageing hair early is to change the hairline often. Why?

Because the scalp at the hairline site bears a heavier amount of hair, the scalp will be unhealthy over time. Frequently changing the hairline will allow the scalp to have breathing opportunities.

The best time to change the 4 lines:

1. It is recommended that when you go to the hair salon to trim your hair or change your hairstyle, you should directly ask the hairdresser to cut and change the hairline at an interval of about 3-6 months.

2. When you usually want to change the position of the hair line, you can split the line again when you wash your hair and blow dry. Once the hair is dry, it is difficult to change the hair line again.

3. Directly go to the salon to iron the curl of the bangs. When there is a curl on the forehead bangs, it is easy to change sides.

4. Every once in a while, you can cut your bangs short, similar to your sister's head, and let the hairline rest for a long time.

Method to force the distribution line:

1. Apply a large amount of hair gel and force the hair line to be replaced.

2. Before going to bed, change the hairline and fix it with a clip, but the result of dividing the line will be more unnatural.