What color is suitable for black skin? Choosing the right hair color will make you white.

- Apr 07, 2019-

Normal skin tone

Color selection recommendations: dark brown, dark purple, dark brown, chocolate.

The usual skin color is between white and white. For the Chinese, it is a normal yellow color. The brown color that is warmer will make the skin look white and clean, such as dark brown, dark purple, dark brown, etc. But you must avoid the reddish warm colors of red, burgundy, etc. These colors will make you instantly become a "housewife".

White skin

Color selection suggestions: brown, black, wine red, blue.

It’s not unreasonable to say that a white cover is ugly. For people with fair skin, the choice of hair color is more extensive and belongs to the wild color. But it's not a no-no taboo. If you choose a cool color or a too bright color, it will make you look paler and bloodless. It will only reveal a pathological beauty, so it is best to choose brown, black, and wine red. Or colors such as blue, these colors will give people a sophisticated and mature beauty.

Yellowish skin tone

Color selection suggestions: wine red, dark red, chestnut color.

People with yellowish skin tend to be caused by dull skin. The entire face often does not look radiant. Therefore, in order to better brighten the skin, you should use red stains such as wine red and dark brown. Cream, or a brown or light brown color that is 2-3 degrees lighter than the original hair color, such as chestnut color. And to reject the orange color, they will increase the "disease" of your skin yellowing.

Darker skin tone

Color selection suggestions: light brown, metallic.

Darker skin is generally black or wheat skin color. Although the person with this skin color looks very sunny and healthy, it will inevitably be more impressive. Therefore, choose the bright color in the selection of hair color, such as light brown. , metallic color, etc., which can make dark skin look more shiny. On this basis, the use of highlighting techniques can make this effect even more powerful.