To be healthy, pay attention to the method from blowing to combing.

- Jun 09, 2019-

In order to better protect the hair, the steps of dry hair, blowing hair and combing hair after shampooing should not be underestimated. Don't just blow it up anymore, let's learn this simple and easy way to blow your hair and comb your hair with Xiaobian. Learn DIY hair care and have a smooth and healthy hair.

Step1: First use a towel to dry the wet scalp and gently wipe it.

Step2: Dry the hair part with a towel.

Step3: Concentrate all the hair to one side and apply oil to the hair ends by hand.

Step4: The order of hair drying is bangs, side and back. When using a hair dryer, the hair should be picked up first, and the roots should be dried first.

Step5: The back hair is blown dry as shown in the hand-held hair dryer. The warm air is blown dry by 80%, and then the cold air is blown dry.

Step6: Then apply a hair care serum to the clean scalp.

Step7: Then use a wide-toothed massage comb to comb the hair in front of the ear from the bottom up to stimulate the scalp and pores. Sting into the blood circulation.

Step8: Then the top part of the head is groomed from the back to the back.

Step9: Finally, the hindbrain part is combed from bottom to top.