How to Comb an Artificial Hair Wig

- Nov 21, 2018-

  Depending on the type of hair used, as well as the length, color and the cut, wigs can be very expensive. While artificial wigs are often cheaper than those made from real human hair, they are usually more difficult to take care of. If an artificial wig is not combed through correctly, it can become easily knotted and the hairs can fall out. Taking your time and treating your artificial wig with care can extend the life of the wig.

Place your wig on the polystyrene foam head. If your wig did not come with a foam head, you can purchase one at just about any beauty supply store.

Run your comb through the ends of your wig (about an inch from the base). Use a quick motion, but don't pull if you find any knots. Pulling can cause permanent frizzing. If you find a knot, spray a thin layer of oil sheen onto your comb and gently work the knot out. The oil sheen will act as a lubricant, loosening the knot.

Move your comb to the middle of the wig and start to comb down and toward the ends. Use long fluid movements to avoid knots. Repeat over the entire wig.

Part the hairline of your wig and comb from the top to the bottom. Use a fluid movement and gentle pressure to avoid knots. Store your wig as you normally would.