How to care for mixed hair?

- Dec 02, 2018-

Many sisters wash their hair frequently because they feel hair oil. They don't know that this will not only solve the problem but will aggravate the problem. The scalp secretes oil to protect the hair and provide nutrition for the hair. Therefore, it is recommended not to wash the hair more than 3 times a week.

There are also some people who don't have hair that is caused by frequent shampooing. They have a lot to do with their diet. They are too greasy and drink too little. The body's water and oil are not balanced. At this time, not only the scalp is oil, but also the face. The ministry will also be oily, so pay attention to diet.

Usually you can eat some extra nuts. The nuts are rich in many trace elements and a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids. Not only can you good nutrition, but also promote the healthy growth of your hair.

Regular haircuts reduce perm, which is because hairdressing needs to dispose of the forks in time to maintain the healthy growth of the hair. Reduce the hot dyeing is to relieve the dry state of the hair, and prevent the damage of chemical agents and the accumulation of heavy metals in the human body, causing people to get sick. .

Another important point is to choose the shampoo that suits you. Don't blindly believe in remedies or small advertisements, and don't just perfunctory things. If you don't care for your hair seriously, you will end up with the consequences.

Massage your scalp in the morning and evening or in your spare time. It can be about 20 minutes each time. Don't use your nails. Use a softer finger to massage gently. If you have any conditions, you can try some tools.

Don't let yourself be in the environment of mobile computers for a long time, let yourself have time to rest, stay away from these electronic products, relax your body and relax your mind.

It is extremely important to maintain adequate and good sleep, especially at night when the body grows and develops. During this time, the body integrates energy and regulates hormone secretion. Therefore, if you want beautiful and elegant hair, you must sleep well!

Sometimes the psychological environment will also affect the health of the hair. The pressure will affect the secretion of hormones in the human body. Naturally, it will also affect the hair. Seriously, it will even lose hair and white hair, so keep your mood happy!