Can You Dye Synthetic Wigs?

- Nov 23, 2018-

Can You Dye Synthetic Wigs?

Playing with beauty and hair is so much fun. I have always enjoyed trying new colors and different techniques, but a lack of bio-hair left me with few options... until I found wigs!

A few years ago, I was on YouTube and stumbled across a tutorial on how to dye a synthetic wig. Now, this excited me. By this time, I had plenty of wigs in my closet that I wasn’t wearing very often - either because the color is not my favorite anymore, or the style is not for me - and maybe this could resurrect my unused wigs.

PLEASE NOTE: I would not recommend dying wigs unless you are willing to risk ruining them, which in this case, I was!

Detailed below is the technique that I learned that can help you on your journey to wig resurrection!

Dying a Synthetic Wig

What you need:

· Synthetic Wig that is heat resistant

· Fabric dye of your choice

· Pot and stove

· Probably wear some old clothes you don’t like and other protective items just to be sure all you are dyeing is the wig.


Start by bringing water to boil in a pot - large size is best but if it is a smaller wig you may be able to fluctuate a little on size - and mix in the dye. Then before you drop in your wig, get it a little damp by running it under the sink just so it is already a bit saturated and this will help the process of actual dyeing.

Remove the pot from the stove, and quickly dunk the wig in! The lighter you want the color, the less time you leave it in, the darker you want it, the longer you leave it in. Basically, this process is not one you can walk away from. You can also control the tint by putting less or more dye in the actual mixture. Once you have reached a point of color tint you like, remove the wig and rinse it in cold water. Rinse well until the water runs clear and then allow your hair piece to dry naturally. 

This is a risky process, but has worked for me and many others! Remember that this process can EASILY ruin a wig, so you must be very careful and only try this on wigs that you have no emotional attachments to!

Please note: We guest writers share their opinions and experiences and we appreciate them!   Synthetic wigs are so versatile and inexpensive.  Synthetic wigs and hair comes in so many colors, it is much easier to find the color you want instead of risking ruining one if your color attempt does not work out.  We DO NOT recommend dying synthetic wigs.  If the gorgeous and fashion colored hair is what you want... check out our selection of colored wigs: colored wigs