According to the face type, the hair style of different face types is selected.

- Sep 02, 2018-

Hair style has a great influence on the image and temperament of the whole person. It is suitable for your own hairstyle to modify the face and head shape, and it can also modify the body. The choice of hair style can not follow the trend, the best for your own temperament and face.

Round face type: The round face type is opposite to the long face type. The main feature is that the hairline part and the chin are rounded, so the key point is to lengthen the length of the face through the hairstyle.


Hair style selection:

1. The hair at the top of the head can create a fluffy layered effect;

2, short hair girls should avoid the curly hair shape, which will make the face look more rounded; while the long hair girl's hair length should be more than the chin position, the shortest to the shoulder.


Avoid development type: Qi Liuhai and symmetrical middle points

Long face type: The main feature of the long face type is the high forehead and long chin, and the width of the face is very narrow. At this time, it needs to be covered and decorated by the hairstyle, which makes the length of the face visually shorten and the cheeks are fuller. .


Hair style selection:

1. Long-faced people should be careful not to care too much for the hair on the top of the head. Focus on the sides of the ear to create a fluffy air feel on both sides. Be sure to reject the ear, which will make the face look Narrower. There is also the problem that the face can be modified by bangs.

2, try to avoid long straight hair on the hair, because this straight hair will be very close to the face, can not play a decorative role. You can choose long curly hair or BOBO head to the length of the chin, the hair curl is best to start from the top of the ear, in order to make the face full.


Avoid development type: hairstyle that reveals forehead

Square face type: The square face type is mainly that the hairline and the lower jaw are obvious, and the lines are tough. This is to modify the rough outline of the face through the hairstyle to make it look soft and restrained.


Hair style selection:

1. For the square face type, the over-the-shoulder BOBO head and the medium long hair are the most suitable. The tail of the inner buckle can make the face look more rounded, which can add feminine femininity. The hair on both sides of the ear is layered to refine the contoured face.

2, you can also try long curly hair, it is best to start the curl from the lower jaw of the ear, so you can use a gentle large roll to modify the contours of the face, or dye a light color, with light brown to add femininity.


Avoid development: sharp short hair, open ear hairstyle

Water Drop Face: The most obvious feature of the drop-shaped face is that the cheekbones are high, and the chin is short and narrow, giving a feeling of a bit fierce. So the focus of the hairstyle is to modify the cheekbones that are too prominent and to make the chin look full.


Hair style selection:

This type of face can try to use the long bangs of the side to modify the over-exposed humerus. The hair at the top of the head to the back of the head can be treated with a fluffy micro-volume to make the head look more full and solid. The hairtail can be rolled into a large roll that is turned outwards, and the soft curl can neutralize the chin line that is too short and narrow.


Avoid development type: thick Qi Liuhai